First Aid for Babysitters Online Course

With bestelling author Janko von Ribbeck


What you will learn:

  • … Learn the essentials from the expert with more than 20 years of experience.
  • … Specially for Babysitters and Aupairs.
  • … From the author of Germany´s no 1 bestselling book on First Aid for Children.
  • … Learn the essentials in just 2 hours.
  • … Test and Certificate included.
  • … More safety for parents, children and babysitters.
  • … Tips for prevention for all age groups.
  • … Covers emergencies for babies and older children.
  • … Includes posters to print (CPR, choking, poisoning).
  • … 6 months access.
Au pairs and Babysitters often have little experience when it comes to emergencies for the little ones. The normal first aid course does not help either.
Janko von Ribbeck, with his 20 years of experience especially for caregivers, has selected all the topics that matter the most. It’s about baby emergencies and also First Aid for older children.
After the course, Nannies and parents can be sure that the child will receive the right care in the critical minutes in the case of emergencies, such as swallowing and choking, injuries, head injuries, febrile seizures, croup attacks, CPR, scalding and poisoning.

Get first insights into the course topics:

example video from the onlinecourse

An online course is exactly the right format for me as I have an 8 month old daughter and live in the countryside.

As a Lifeguard and First responder in the company, I already have a lot of basic knowledge. Nevertheless, I like how the information is presented and find it to be very relevant/useful.

C. Bensel

More safety for parents:

Parents can be sure that their Babysitter, Au pair or Nanny masters the most important tasks and steps to be taken in an emergency.
The online course is made highly relevant and concise specifically for babysitters.

Not too little information and especially not too much.

Lively, entertaining and with essential tips for prevention.

The videos are shot in different places in the household and garden – as in real life.

No excuse:

The times with babysitters without first aid knowledge are over! Your babysitter can start learning on the first evening.

More safety for caretakers:

More safety on the job:

Babysitters, au pairs or nannies can easily learn online everything that is important for childrens emergencies.

The 13 modules are interesting, entertaining and usually no longer than 15 minutes.

Convenient online from home:

It´s not necessary to look for a course and attend it. That takes time. And honestly, not all First Aid courses teach knowledge specific to children.


Certificate after successful completion of the test.

A First Aid Certificate for children increases the chances of finding a family. The online cours is a very good investment for the job.

Easy access from anywhere.

Included: A booklet and three A4 posters to print and download on your pc or mobile device.

And here’s what you’re learning in this course:

13 Modules with more than 2 hours learning 

Module 1 – CPR

CPR for Babies is explained and shown on a baby. Also covers: drowning and CPR for adults. The technique refers to the latest European CPR guidelines.

Includes free poster (downloadable)

Module 2 – Choking

Emergency No 1: Help! My child is choking. How children choke and what to do. With tips for prevention.

Includes free poster (downloadable)

Module 3 – Poisoning

There are countless ways how kids poison themselves. You learn what’s dangerous and what to do in an emergency.

Includes free poster (downloadable)

Module 4 – Wounds

If wounds are treated professionally from the beginning on you have less trouble later.

Module 5 – Fever seizure

A fever seizure can be a nightmare to parents and caretakers. One of the common child emergencies that everyone has to be prepared for.

Module 6 – Croup attack

Kids have difficulties to breathe at midnight and you think they might choke. Good if you know what to do. Listen to the original croup sound.

Module 7 – Bees and Wasp

Learn more about what to do. Home remedies and allergies. Tips for prevention.

Module 8 – Injuries

Learn about injuries that are typical for children. From broken arms, dislocated elbows to tooth accidents. Things that are rarely covered in normal first aid courses.

Module 9 – Head injuries

Bumps, lacerations and concussions. Everyone needs to know how to handle these common emergencies – what are important symptoms and when to go to hospital.

Module 10 – Nosebleeds and other bleedings

Learn how to stop bleeding. With the right equipment you can easily make a pressure bandage.

Module 11 – Burns & Scalds

The skin of an infant is five times thinner and the damage is more severe than for adults. Prevention is as important as the first steps after it happens.

Module 12 – Unconsciousness

Unconsciousness in children is very different to adults. Learn the rescue position for children.

Module 13 – Prevention

Prevent accidents and emergencies. Learn more about drowning, poisoning, scalds, electricity, choking and SIDS It ́s a high responsibility to take care of small children and not
everyone has an overview of the typical dangers.

First Aid for Babysitters Online Course

with Janko von Ribbeck

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